Happy Easter!

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Hey Everyone!

Sorry haven’t updated this site in ages, Happy Easter Everyone, remember Easter is when Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ died for us and rose on the third day.



Happy Independence Day!

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Hey Everyone,

Happy Independence Day to everyone!

Enjoy your day! Have a great dinner ;) Enjoy the fireworks :D


Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hi Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope everyone’s having a good dinner tonight. Enjoy your day Everyone :D

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sup peeps

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Hi Everyone,

The blog hasn’t been updated in ages lolz… anywayz sup?

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Matt Now Plays Tootsville!


Hey Guys,

Check Out this awesome Game called Tootsville My Tootsville name on it is Matthew100

1 Tootsville Logo

Tootsville allows you to

Explore the many cool virtual worlds for kids in Tootsville™. Let your imagination run wild as you play
tooterific online interactive games and chat with tootastic friends. Join the fun and adventures that await
you in Tootsville™ — and don’t forget to Make some Noise! So let the adventure begin and Play Now!

1 Toots Vile

Here is a Picture of Me on Tootsville

1 tootsvile

The Game Rocks!

Click Here to sign up  http://www.tootsville.com


Spongebob is Rich lol xD

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Hey Guys,

Check it out My friend edited this picture of Spongebob and made it look kool lol xD!

1 Funny Spongebob By Sam


It looks real but its edited! xD


Playstation 3 Grill xD

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Hey Guys,

Check out this Chief cooking BBQ in a Playstation 3 xD lol.

1 ps3 gril

Who! lol xD


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